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A moment for the movement.

This inauguration marks a historic moment for our nation…

It’s a moment worth celebrating, because this particular transition of power transcends politics to represent something so much bigger. Indeed, it is a victory for democracy… For equality… And for the promise of liberty and justice that is the inalienable right of each and every American.

But this historic day also raises an important question: How do moments that make history, gain the momentum needed to become movements that can change the world?

There is no simple answer to that question, but for us it begins with refusing to rest on our laurels: We have to continue to take those small steps — and a few giant leaps — forward. That’s been our ethos since the very beginning, because while Ven’s fight is unquestionably in the courtroom, he is just as committed to fighting for and investing in the communities in which we live and work — and in the people who call those communities home.

So, as we celebrate this historic moment, we are thrilled to begin the next evolution of that commitment by announcing a new partnership with one of the mightiest voices on the front lines for social justice in Michigan, Mari Copeny, aka “Little Miss Flint.”

Mari has been fiercely fighting the good fight in Flint since the devastating water crisis began and has since become a beacon of hope and justice for the entire community. We are deeply proud and profoundly humbled to partner with this brilliant change maker. Mari not only embodies the very values that motivate Ven to fight for justice each and every day, she is precisely the kind of blossoming leader we need to ensure that the progress of this moment does, in fact, feed a movement that can heal — and advance — our great nation. To learn more about Mari’s incredible work and support her many causes, visit her website, maricopeny.com.

This piece is just the beginning of a collaboration that will allow both Ven and Mari to expand their reach and deepen their impact on the issues that matter most. From teaming up for a podcast episode that delves deep into the Flint Water Crisis, to hosting virtual community education events designed to drive honest dialogue around critical issues… Together, Ven and Mari are committed to empowering and inspiring citizens to be the change they wish to see.

So stay tuned, because this tale of two fighters is just getting started…